ICNA DMV Team is really grateful to Allah for a huge  turnout on Nov 5th, 2022 at the Muslim Family day. We would also like to thank you all for attending the event. Inshallah, we look forward to planning another event next year.  Keep an eye out for the announcement!


Muslim Family Day - Washington DC

Muslim Family Day is an ICNA project, managed by all-volunteer teams in several regions across the country, in partnership with Six Flags.


The ICNA DMV team is pleased to offer this service to our local Muslim community to come together for a day of Halal family entertainment on Saturday, November 5, 2022. 


Enjoy your day with an ethnic bazaar, rides, games, and halal food in different cuisines, all while supporting non-profit organizations. The entire park is reserved for this event. Pray salah with jama'ah and listen to the Adhan and beautiful nasheeds on speakers across the park. It's an experience to have!




Let's all pitch in to sponsor regfugee and needy families in our area so they can enjoy this day with the larger muslim community as well. To donate, please click on the button below and give as much as you can. One eticket costs about $40. We will use these funds to distribute free tickets to the famailies.


  1. Next Event inshallah in 2023.



Six Flags America

13710 Central Ave, Bowie, MD 20721



  • TBD


Q1. Can I purchase paper tickets from any Masjid or vendors?

A1. No, ICNA now sells all tickets through Six Flags web site only. There are no paper tickets for sale. Please don't pay anyone cash to buy ticktes.


Q2. Are children allowed free?  

A2. As per Six Flags policy, children ages two and under are free.  


Q3. I have a season Pass, do I need to purchase a tickte? 

A3. As per Six Flags policy, this event is considered private as the entire park is reserved for Muslim Family Day. All seaon Pass holders must pay $20/pass for any private event. They can pay this at the gate on the day of the event. No need to buy in advance.  


Q4. Can I get a refund for bad weather? 

A4. All stndard refund polcies are applied for this event. For example, if the park is closed due to really bad weather, then you can use the ticket on any other open day in that season. Please note that park does not close just due to rain. They may stop rides for a short period due to thunderstroms as needed. 


Q5. Are Non-Muslims allowed to attend?

A5. This event is for all Muslim families and their freinds. So you are welcome to invite and bring your non-Muslim family members and freinds. We only request they follow Islamic atire and manner guidelines in respect of other attendees.


Q6. I am a food vendor or non-food vendor, how can I participate? 

A6. You can apply to be a non-food vendor using the above link. Food vendors spots are very limited and by invitation only. For any questions, you can reach out our team


Q7. I am a non-profit or a community organization, how can I setup my booth? 

A7. You can apply for a booth using the non-food vendor application process, using the above link. For any questions, you can reach out our team.